I’ve recently stumbled upon this thing called adulthood. For any person in general, it’s a hard concept to grasp, but for a woman it’s even harder. The women of today are expected to maintain full-time jobs which obviously occupies our all our time for the day, and then we are expected to come home tend to our houses, husbands/boyfriends, cook and still maintain a beautiful figure, education, and wardrobe. It’s a difficult thing to grasp but not impossible. I am determined to do this as flawlessly as possible.

A little about myself:

My name is Maria but I prefer Marcela (my middle name). I am 25 years-old and I am a speech-language pathologist assistant which is just a fancy way of saying speech therapist. I’ve been providing pediatric speech therapy for 2 years now and I have to say its the best career anyone can ever choose, so rewarding. I have a wonderful, huge family but the main ones are my 2 younger sisters, Michelle and Monica, my younger brother, Johnny Jr. and my two wonderful parents. I recently moved to New York with my boyfriend and his mother. Living with my mom for 25 years, I never had to worry about meals because they were always made, but of coarse, things are expected of me now. Things that I have never had to worry about (cooking being the biggest of them and the one that’s giving me a hardest time). I clean with no worries and do it without a problem, I love cleaning. As much as I love cooking, and I know how to (don’t get it twisted), I now have to worry about what I am cooking for dinner EVERYDAY, and for lunch for the WHOLE week, for me AND my boyfriend. The hardest part is learning to do all this with my boyfriend’s mother watching me like hawk and making sure I make her baby boy happy and keep his tummy full. No misinterpretations please, she’s a wonderful person, an admirable woman and she’s been (much to everyone’s surprise) fairly easy to live with. She just wants to make sure I can take care of her only child once we go off and live our happy lives together and I plan on easing her worries and proving to her that there’s nothing to it 😉

I have chosen to take all this as a learning experience (which it is) and run with it. So I decided to create this blog and share my journey because I find myself stuck sometimes, unable to speak with my friends or parents about what goes through my mind and heart, so I take to writing to help relieve the anxiety that builds. So, I am mostly doing this for me, whether someone follows or not. If they do, I hope I can help with what I write here, if not then at least I have it for myself. I will write out the different recipes that I find and cook, cleaning tips that I learn, emotions and experiences I go through as I start my life states away from my family.

Any tips or ideas, please feel free to contact me. I am more then happy to try different things that will impress my mother-in-law 😉


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